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Hello Everyone

Thank you for your lovely comments on our beautiful Beaglier bubs. I am closing comments now, getting too many!!

To send me an email, please use the CONTACT US tab on the left. I receive many emails, I will reply individually, but it does take time. Please check trash/spam. My email address contains the wording 'beaglierbubs’ and the subject line will either be 'puppy' or 'beaglier puppy'.

Before emailing me please do take a moment and ensure that you are ready, your family is ready and you have made a conscientious decision to welcome a Beaglier puppy into your life.

We are ethical, professional breeders regulated by a vet, and NSW Government legislation. Just as importantly we are morally accountable and have excellent animal husbandry and welfare practices in place.


Option 1. Paid deposit waiting list. Deposit is deductible off the purchase price but is not refundable for change of mind. I don't hold names or puppies without a deposit. Please email me via the "CONTACT US" tab and we can progress from there. 

Option 2. Watch this page. If a puppy is currently available there will be information right here at the bottom of this page.

Families with a paid deposit will always be notified of puppies and kept up to date on pending arrivals and puppy news:)

Further information...

Our Beagliers are purpose bred for family companions. They are a genuine first generation Beaglier, ie Beagle mum, Cavalier KCS dad. We do not engage in 2nd cross breeding or further crossbreeding! 

Health tested parents and are clear and healthy. I breed exceptional Beaglier puppies because I ensure the parents are quality dogs, they are healthy, true to type, and importantly have excellent temperaments. 

You will receive comprehensive puppy care information, and all puppies will have their first vaccination, will be microchipped and dewormed fortnightly. 

Exercise...we have Beagliers in apartments and on farms. They are as active as you wish to be.

Alert and intelligent, learn quickly, and will let you know if something is amiss. Very faithful and loyal, be prepared to be loved.❤💋



Something I am passionate about, breeding puppies for a purpose. I have chosen to breed a companion puppy for families. To breed the best Beaglier puppy I can, and for this puppy to become a much loved pet for families. Integral to this is hybrid vigour from first cross breeding. The whole purpose of a healthy robust F1 puppy is to be an excellent family companion; it is not, and never should be for breeding. It is, in my opinion, the height of immorality with regard to our dogs, to deliberately purchase a F1 puppy with the intent to breed that puppy and on sell the progeny.

A Beaglier crossed with a Beaglier or anything else does not produce a Beaglier! Please be discerning and purchase your puppy from an ethical breeder.


Puppies will be available for new homes from the 14th May 2021. Please use the "Contact Us" tab to send me an email.






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Nancy Bloomfield | Reply 27.03.2021 21:00

Any chance I can get one from your next litter? Very interested

Carly Zervas | Reply 24.02.2021 13:55

HI Bea, we are looking at bringing a beaglier into our family. Do you have any currently available?


Bea | Reply 18.02.2021 15:25

Jasmine, your email address is not correct. Please contact me again, perhaps leave a mobile number.

Victoria Bozier | Reply 08.01.2021 19:50

Hi we are looking to get a beaglier as soon as possible, we lost our family dog in 2020 after 14 wonderful years.

Kind Regards

B 28.01.2021 22:38

Hi Victoria, we have puppies available. Please use the CONTACT US tab to send an email.
Thank you.

Michael Hill | Reply 11.08.2020 16:18

Hello, having lost our family dog last year, we are very interested in a beaglier puppy male or female. we live in Newcastle . Our family have always had dogs

Mel | Reply 08.08.2020 20:20

Hi there. Interested in a pup. Preferably female with darker features. I'm based in Melbourne please advise how much, and the deposit required to go on waiting

Connor | Reply 08.08.2020 19:34

Hi, interested in a Beaglier puppy, preferably male, but im easy. Live in western suburbs Melbourne, look forward to hearing back from you

Brooke | Reply 06.08.2020 08:29

He there, I am very interested in purchasing a girl beaglier pup, would it be possible for an October purchase? Or only November? Thanks a lot

Ada | Reply 05.08.2020 20:30

Hi, we are very interested in a male Beaglier puppy, please put me in the waiting list and advice price and deposit account for waiting list payment, thanks.

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Latest comments

27.03 | 21:00

Any chance I can get one from your next litter? Very interested

20.03 | 09:18

Hi Bea, nearly 2 years on & Mikey is well. He is just a joy to be around. We are walking everyday.
I would like to send you a photo, but I have lost your emai.

15.03 | 14:09

Do you currently have any puppies available or on the way?

24.02 | 13:55

HI Bea, we are looking at bringing a beaglier into our family. Do you have any currently available?


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