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Natalie 28.01.2021 10:04

Hi, just wondering if you have any puppies available now. Or soon. We are looking for one to join our family 💕

B 28.01.2021 11:34

Hi Natalie, yes I do have puppies available🤗 Can you please use the CONTACT US tab and send me an email.
Thank you.

michelle vann 06.11.2020 08:39

Hi Michelle from Perth here. Looking for a beaglier puppy. Hoping you are having an upcoming litter soon. Looking for a female please Also price please

Nicole 12.08.2020 10:08

Would love to know if you have any upcoming litters? Could you also please let us know where you are located? Thanks!

Angela 04.08.2020 01:03

Hi, we are very interested in your beautiful beaglier puppies. Are there are any litters planned in the coming months? Where are you based? Price please? Thanks

Sarah 24.07.2020 08:27

Hi I would like to enquire about beautiful Beaglier puppies. Was wondering if you have any upcoming litters, cost and location? Thank you in advance

Jacqui Webb 11.07.2020 00:49

Hello, I would like to enquire about your next litter of Beagalier puppies. Also, can you tell me if you are in Victoria please? Many thanks

Heidi 27.06.2020 08:18

Our family is interested in a pup. Would love to get some information on when pups are next available . Thanks

Mary 10.06.2020 02:04

Hey Bea
Just wondering whether you received our email in regards to whether you had two tri girls available from your 1st June litter? All the best

Greg 07.06.2020 09:23

Hi. Interested in a female pup for our loving home. Thanks

Dani 31.05.2020 21:13

Hi there, would love too know some information about if you have any litters available and the price as well.

Nina 31.05.2020 07:40

Hello, would love info on the next upcoming litter. Payment deposit required etc etc. Looking to purchase a Beaglier puppy for our 8yr old daughter.
Thank you

Margot 28.05.2020 03:29

Hello, we would love a companion for our 17 month old Beaglier, George. Can you please email when your next litter is available, pricing, deposit etc. Thanks

Brooke 19.05.2020 07:54

Hello, we were hoping to bring a Beaglier in to our family and wondering if you have a litter now or in the near future.

Jo 12.05.2020 10:32

Looking for our furbaby ,looking forward to hearing from you .kind regards Jo

Julian 10.05.2020 00:36

Hello we are interested in any new Beaglier pups. Please let us know when the next litter is expected and how much you will be selling them for. Many thanks Jul

Frankie 20.04.2020 01:03

Could you advise price and expected date of the next litter and location?


JENY 19.04.2020 04:06

hi. i am actively looking for a beaglier pup, male or female. please send me your price and availability date. thanks

Jodi Malone 17.04.2020 12:55

Hi there, I’m interested in a pup. When will the next litter be and how much are they?
Thanks, Jodi

Polina 16.04.2020 09:26

Hi there
Could you advise price and expected date of the next litter and location? Many thanks

Leigh 13.04.2020 13:15

Hey pls can you quote a beaglier and when the next litter will be due thanks

Ian Decker 24.01.2020 23:20

Hi, we are interested in a male black & white if possible Beaglierbubs puppy, could you forward price, deposit required location and when next litter is due.

Jayne 15.01.2020 05:03

Hi there. We are interested in a female beaglier puppy and were just wondering about price, your location and when your next litter is due. Thank so much.

Julie 08.01.2020 18:29

Hi please let me know your location and price range.



Nicola Freyne 20.11.2019 21:21

Dear Beaglier Bubs! I sent you guys am email this week about a puppy -hoping to hear from you soon - Thank you

Jate 09.10.2019 01:22

Hi, we are looking for a Beagalier to join our family. Can you please let us know when your next litter is due. We’d love any pup, but a Ruby would be absolutel

Fiona 04.10.2019 10:45

Hi, our family is eager to have a beaglier puppy, do you have a litter due soon? Thanks Fiona

Anna 02.10.2019 04:49

Could you advise price and expected date of the next litter.
Many thanks.

Stephanie 02.09.2019 12:03

Hi there,
I just wanted to check if you’ve received my email from the contacts page? I emailed about 2 weeks ago, and sent a follow up last week.

Karen 27.08.2019 09:38

Hi, we have a beautiful 10yr old tri colour girl & looking for a tri colour girl to join our family. Do you have any litters due soon & how much are your girls

Donna Tuckwood 26.08.2019 06:53

Hi just inquiring the price of the puppies and when the next litter will be available thanks Donna

Alexii Hermann 31.01.2019 01:39

Hi I am just wondering when your next litter of beaglier pups is? Thanks Alexii

Roger 05.10.2018 01:55

Hi, can you send pics of parents? Thanks

Stephanie 28.06.2018 23:15

Hello there,
I was wondering if you have any beaglier puppies available? Also to where are you located and the prices of the puppies?

Jennine 21.06.2018 02:38

Just noticed that you may not have received my message. Would love to know if next available litter please etc, price, and where you are located. Thank you!

Tara 19.06.2018 11:48

Just checking if you got my email I sent from your contacts page a couple of days ago regarding when next litter, pricing, age released etc?

B 20.06.2018 11:42

Tara, sorry haven't received yet. I am getting other email inquiries but haven't received yours..please resend. 8 weeks is earliest age for new homes.

Mathew 11.06.2018 04:52

Hi Beaglier Bubs,
We are on the lookout for a white and tan beaglier male puppy. Please let us know where you are located, the price and availability.

Karen Pate 24.02.2018 22:04

Good Morning,

Could you please let me know if you have any females pups ready or coming up for their forever homes :)

Bea 25.02.2018 05:05

Karen please send me an email..."contact us" tab...thanks Bea.

Bianca 24.02.2018 07:58

I’m just wondering when your next litter of beaglier puppies are due?
I’m looking for a puppy for April.

Cheers Bianca

Belinda 13.01.2018 04:30

Could you pls tell me where you are located?
When are you expecting the next litter of puppies?
Approx price?
Thanks - Bel

Jessica Shakespeare 10.01.2018 01:12

Hi B, just checking you got my email? Thanks

Bonnie 08.01.2018 01:54

Hi I don’t know if this is how I contact you but I’m desperately looking for a pup in april

Georgia Mackinlay 31.12.2017 23:09

Hi just wondering if you got my email? Inquiring about lemon/tan and white female?

B 01.01.2018 10:49

Hi Georgia, yes answered you tonight:)

Mark 11.11.2017 05:27

I sent a couple of messages via the contact us tab about a week ago and still waiting for a response, are you still in business?

Bea 14.11.2017 15:28

Certainly am Mark, very busy answering approx 150 emails because everyone wants an instant puppy now...it's the xmas thing! I have emailed you tonight:)

helen 22.10.2017 04:47

Where are you located? We are interested in purchasing a beaglier for our family and live in Brisbane. Do you have any puppies?,

George 29.07.2017 14:00

We're a family based in England and might consider a beaglier but wondering where your based and prices on puppies.

Tanya 24.03.2017 04:37

Hi, we are interested in a Beaglier Pup for our family. Please advise when next litter is due. Thanks,

Blue Kemball 20.03.2017 20:09

Hi we are a family in Sydney looking for a beaglier pup to join us - do you have any puppies available and where are you based? Many thanks Blue

Annie Spartalis 20.03.2017 08:32

Hi, After doing research my girls and I have decided we are wanting to purchase a beaglier pup for our family. Please advise when you have puppies available.

Abby 13.03.2017 10:27

Hi! we would love to add a male beaglier to our family in the next couple of months, is there any litters due soon? Where are you located & what is the price?

ASH 02.03.2017 02:22

hi there,
i have left two messages with your CONTACT US tab. just wondering if you are still in business? if so would be great to hear from someone soon!

B 02.03.2017 03:48

Hi Ash, yes I have previously replied to you. I will do so again:)

Chloe 29.12.2016 09:02

Hi. I was just wondering where you guys are located?

Erica 28.11.2016 02:36

Hi I was wondering where you are located? And how much the puppies are going for? They are absolutely adorable and I would love an addition to my family

Tiana Treichel 05.11.2016 07:05

Where are you located? Do you ship the puppies? - I don't think you would but just wondering.

Anthony 05.10.2016 09:33

hi can you pls let me know when you will have the next available puppies. We are in Wollongong and would like the puppy flown to Sydney

Sharon 15.03.2015 02:52

We live in Adelaide and would like to know if you have any male, tri colour, 6 weeks old beaglier pups available?

Amy 04.03.2015 11:54

We live in Perth and are looking to buy a tri colour beaglier pup. We are wondering where you are located and what the total costs would be.

jacqui 02.03.2015 10:06

I live in Sydney and would like to know when your next litter is as we recently lost our gorgeous Beaglier puppy to pavovirus.

Melanie 01.03.2015 09:29

We are looking for a beaglier puppy and we're wondering where you are located and when some new puppies would be available.

Dion 08.10.2014 12:00

Hi we are looking for a beaglier for our daughter in November. Can you let me know the price and your location

Emma 03.04.2014 11:21

Hi, my partner and I are looking at getting a beaglier pup, can you tell me where you are located?

Tahlia 04.02.2014 10:14

Where are you located?

Diane 15.11.2011 03:04

Hi Belinda....Just letting you know that Willow is just over a year old now & we could not imagine our family without her. She is very mischevious & Cute. Di

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28.07 | 09:42

Hi I am interested in a beaglier- when will you have a litter available please. Regards Kerri

18.08 | 10:34

Hi, we are looking at hopefully getting a Beaglier puppy? Could you please let me know if you will have any puppies soon? Thanks

14.08 | 20:47

Looking to understand more around your next litter.

12.08 | 04:46

Looking for a female beaglier to join our family. Just wondering when you might have availability and cost. Whereabouts are you located? Thanks